Chili Fights is a fun, community oriented event benefiting the Arkansas Foodbank.


Here is some information about the Arkansas Food Bank:

Our Mission Statement: 
The Arkansas Foodbank is the foundation in the fight against hunger. We find pathways to connect people, resources and food to reach those in need, providing dignity, hope and a brighter future for all Arkansans

Our Vision:

A stronger community where hunger needs are met with sufficient access to nutritious food.

What we do:

Arkansas Foodbank, the largest food bank in Arkansas, is a member of Feeding America and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance. Its recent merger with the Arkansas Rice Depot creates new and innovative programming focused on serving hungry Arkansans with more healthy and nutritious food. Programs like Food For Kids, Food For Families, and Food For Seniors provide food and other resources for more than 450 food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, colleges, shelters, senior centers, and other agencies that provide aid directly to hungry Arkansans. 

For information on how you can fight hunger, visit .